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About me...

Welcome to Iron City Inspections! I am an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector located in the Birmingham, Alabama metro area and am ready to help assist you with your residential or commercial inspection needs.


I was born and raised in the Birmingham, AL metro area, but have lived in California, Venezuela and Australia. Married to my lovely wife in 2003 and now a father of 3 amazing kids. Inspecting since 2019, I have completed hundreds of home inspections.  And with a background as a home owners claims adjuster for 12+ years, and over 6,000 thousand claims (damaged home inspections) under my belt, I have wealth of knowledge and experience.  

I am thorough, honest, knowledge and NOT an alarmist. 


See my certifications below. 

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Attic Seal.png
Chimney Seal.png
Exterior Seal.png
Deck Seal.png
Infrared Seal.png
New Construction Seal.png
Moisture Intrusion Seal.png
Plumbing Seal.png
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Roof Seal.png
Safe Workplace Seal.png
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