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Pool / Spa Inspection

Inspecting a swimming pool or a spa / jacuzzi is not included in any standard home inspection.  Below is a list of items that the inspector will check if you add the additional service.  As every property is different, the items checked will vary from location to location.

  • Safety fencing and gates.

  • Surface condition & drainage around the pool.

  • Overall condition of pool & equipment.

  • Condition, existence & location of steps /  ladders.

  • Condition of liner / surface.

  • Drains & skimmers.

  • Function of pumps & heaters.

  • Electrical equipment, grounding & GFCI

  • Visible leaks.

  • Water depth markings & depth dividers.

  • Rescue equipment.

  • Storage of chemicals.

  • With decades of experience as an insurance claims adjuster, I am also looking for potential liability issues.  

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